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How do I activate Servus?


The first time you run Servus on a new device, you are required to activate it. This can be done directly in the Servus software itself and requires an active Internet connection. You will need to have purchased a license key that has never been previously activated on another device. You may also re-activate Servus on an existing device if, for example, you had to re-install the software for some reason.


When you run Servus on an unactivated device, you will see the following dialog.

Enter the username/password combination that you used to purchase the software from the website. If you didn’t purchase the software directly from the site yourself, you should use the username/password sent in the purchase confirmation e-mail you received from Whizzo Software.

If you are using a device that has been previously activated, Servus will automatically detect the existing license key and use it for device activation. You’re done!

If you are using a device that has never been activated before, you will see the following dialog.

This dialog shows you all the licenses you have purchased but have yet to activate. Select one and Servus will automatically associate that license key with the new device and activate the software. You’re done!