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Android 3.2 bugginess and update woes

ASUS pushed out the Android 3.2 update to its Eee Pad Transformer devices a few days ago. This has caused the expected problems for my application, most of which were easily resolved.

However, my testing has revealed what appears to be a significant...

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Posted on Jul 31, 2011

Servus restaurant guest management system now available

After many months of development and exhaustive user testing, our new restaurant guest management system for Android Honeycomb tablet devices, Servus, is available. It is intuitive, powerful and can accommodate both large and small establishments....

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Posted on Jul 20, 2011

Arduino arrives!

I just purchased an Arduino Uno which will be used to prototype one of our next projects. It will involve controlling an RS-232 hardware device via Android's bluetooth. It should prove to be a fun endeavor!

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Posted on Jul 12, 2011

Free Android apps outnumber free iOS apps

According to Distimo, the number of free Android apps outnumber free iOS apps 134,342 to 121,845. However, I think that statistic is misleading.

A quick search of the term "hello world" on the iOS App Store returns 4 free results, most of which seem...

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Posted on Apr 30, 2011

Android, JmDNS and Wi-Fi multicast packets

For the current project I'm working on, I chose to use the excellent JmDNS library to facilitate Android device service discovery on the local Wifi network. Just be sure to use version 3.4.0 or greater since it fixes some issues with using JDK methods...

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Posted on Mar 1, 2011